Monday, June 19, 2006

As If It Isn't Embarrassing Enough To Be From Louisiana

I happen to be one of the firmly pro-choice people who understands and sympathizes with the position of pro-lifers, and who believes that the two sides are closer to each other than they realize. Some true dialog could go a long way.

But this is a mistake for several reasons. One obvious one is that we need to make sure that people born are truly wanted (see my post on Kids). Especially in Louisiana, which has more than its share of poor people. Another reason is that no one who's raped, especially by a relative, should be forced to carry the child. Furthermore, the whole anti-abortion lobby is dominated by men, and they just don't have the equipment to determine all this crap. Sure, Blanco is a woman, but she's forced to buckle to the interests of the regressives in this state.

A friend told me this weekend that he regrets not voting for Jindal; we'd have the same right-wing crap going on, but at least the guy is sharp.

Good point, MR.

And then there's just the question of why the hell we're worrying about this stuff now, when we're in crisis mode after Katrina (see my post on Vitter's marriage position). We have bigger fish to fry, especially since this law is moot as long as Roe stands (hurry up, 2008).

So it's another reason that I don't know that I could stay in the US if I have to leave NOLA. Sigh.