Friday, March 24, 2006

Pet Pic o' the Day

Denali Sniffs a Pea

Conflict o' Interest

My, how far "Bar" has fallen since she was the country's gramma! Now she's made an allegedly generous donation for Katrina relief, but under the stipulation that computers be purchased from her son Neil's company. What a bitch.

It's one thing to try to support your son, but what the hell? The guy doesn't have enough connections to make it on his own? She's been so generous to the region that she can't make a condition-free donation? Jeez. Them repugnicans just can't be decent even under these circumstances.


Well, about a week and a half ago, someone (drunk, I expect) slammed into our car in the middle of the night, causing extensive damage. We've never had a car worth getting body work done on, so we didn't really know what to do. But we filed a police report and got our insurance involved right away. The cop really acted like we were wasting his time, but the insurance company asked us right away if we'd done it, I suppose to make sure we weren't BSing about what happened.

A few days later it was towed to a body guy who my mechanic Kevin (whom I trust for many reasons) recommended. The body guy, Mark, seems to be very conscientious and helpful too, so I'm optimistic. He got the estimate from the insurance yesterday and seems to think he can have the car back in a couple weeks. That'd be great. And he seems to think the insurance estimate will do the job.

But it was tough to take, despite the fact that things are moving along. For years, we've had crappy cars, and nothing serious happened to them. Now we have a decent car, and this happens. Plus, we really like the car, and it was perfect for us. I'm glad we'll have it back, but will it drive the same? We'll see, but I'm glad Mark seems pretty responsible.

It was hard to cope with the new complication. Like many things, the money wasn't as much of a problem as the inconvenience. Trying to deal with all this is tough, but we still don't have it nearly as bad as most New Orleanians, so I try not to bitch.