Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Military Strikes

I'm not a complete pacifist, but I'd like to be. I like the idea of being completely arms-free, but there are too many questions I can't answer and situations that have no other solution that I can see. That said, I think W takes it all waaaay too lightly.

Now, we just killed Al Zarqawi. I guess that's good, since he was a dangerous man, but from what I've been reading, he was dangerous because of us. Here's what I'm surmising: W wanted to attack Iraq, 9/11 provided the window, but even he knew we needed a connection, so we portrayed Al Zarqawi as the link between Iraq and Al Qaeda. So that gave AZ more power than he had before, and he played it up. Then when we killed him, we can say we killed this dangerous man.

Another case of the US creating a problem because it has the solution. Reminds me of the headline from Our Dumb Century by the Onion: Listerine Co. Invents, Cures Halitosis.


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