Wednesday, February 01, 2006


This game Sunday is a big one. KU has a VERY young team, which has been inconsistent to say the least. But they've also shown extended flashes of brilliance and should continue to improve. If only everyone else would stay the same.

But we're riding a 4-game winning streak, which would be 13 if we hadn't lost 2 straight close conference matchups. This is a chance to show the country and the conference that we're a real threat. We looked phenomenal against T-Tech and KY, and all our losses have been pretty close. But there are 6 of them. That's too many.

So look for this game to be a statement of what we're really capable of. I haven't seen OU play this year, but I gather they're a bit inconsistent as well.

The game's Sunday @ noon, on CBS, but we'll probably get preempted here for some SEC BS.

Rock Chalk.


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