Tuesday, January 24, 2006


This is slim. He's a wonderful guy and one of my very best friends. He's about 13 1/2 now, and not too long for this world. For the last few months, he's had a urinary tract infection and is on his 3rd round of antibiotics. Yesterday he had an ultrasound to investigate a lump X-rays showed in his gut. We were worried that it might be something serious, and we decided that if it was a simple procedure, we'd get the lump taken out, but if was bad, we wouldn't put him through chemo or anything. He's had a full life and clearly enjoys himself.

Well, turns out the "lump" was food, so obviously we don't need to take it out. Kinda sucks that we spent $220 to find that out, but I'm glad he's ok. If we can take care of this infection, he'll be back on track, although he's slower every month, and he's pretty much deaf now. We'll be watching to see when he stops getting pleasure out of life, and then we will put him to sleep. I'll post a shrine when that time comes. He's seen me through a lot, separation from E while she started her first job, the tornado in Nashville, the move back to NOLA, and now Katrina. He's a champ.


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