Monday, January 16, 2006


I thought I could share my idea for Oregon's license plate or state marketing campaign or something with this brainstorm, but I Googled it and found that a bunch of things had that title, so I guess I wasn't the first. Dang.

Then, we have a suburb near here called LaPlace, which I assume means "the place." So I was thinking of sending them a letter saying they should put it on their "Welcome To..." sign or something, and I see that someone from there called her cookbook that.

Don't know why I can never think of something original. I have a few more, but I doubt they'll go anywhere. Such as the melon sling, which would make carrying watermelons, canteloupe, etc easier, and I'd like to market a fish tank ornament in the form of a mafia rat in cement shoes and sleeping with the fishes. I came as that for Halloween a couple years ago, and it was my most successful costume.

Some day my ship will come in...


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